M30 Consortium Meeting in Nice

The LIGNICOAT consortium successfully concluded its sixth project meeting at month 30 (M30) on November 22nd and 23rd. The meeting, hosted by ARDITEC Association, took place in Nice, France. The event provided an opportunity for consortium members to review progress, exchange knowledge, and plan for future advancements in the field.

In the LIGNICOAT timeline, this meeting was crucial for the Consortium to gather and discuss the last progress with the submission of several deliverables and future steps as the project enters its last year.

The two-day meeting commenced with a discussion on project management where TECNALIA, the project coordinator, led the session. Later, the host and work package leader of the sustainability assessment, ARDITEC Association, took the stage and delved into Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and social-LCA. The first day concluded with the plan for dissemination of the project (publications and training activities) and an overview of the exploitation part with KER (Key Exploitable Results) prioritization.

Important discussions on the achievement and progress of lignin bio-based coatings development took place during the second day.

VITO, Westlake Epoxy, and TECNALIA led the session on WP1, presenting advancements in the development of wood-based coating formulations. Barpimo, Ecoat, Westlake Epoxy, and Vencorex then took the stage to discuss WP2, focusing on the optimization of coating application processes.

The session on WP3, which addressed the development of bioadditives for coatings (bioencapsulation and enzymes), was led by NORCE, ITACyL, and FORESA technologies. Lastly, TECNALIA, IRIS coatings, Barpimo, and AEP Polymers concluded the meeting with a presentation on WP4, highlighting the progress made in the development of and application of biocoatings formulation, as well as assessing the improved fire retardancy and antimicrobial performance while keeping in high bio-based content in the resin.

The sixth project meeting of the LIGNICOAT consortium provided an excellent platform for fruitful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among the partners. The consortium remains committed to advancing bio-based coatings, ensuring sustainability, and promoting commercial viability.

As the project enters the last year, several updates will come shortly. To stay tuned to our latest developments, make sure to follow us on our social media channel.


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