LIGNICOAT Showcases its Findings on Lignin-Based Coatings for Fire Protection at the CHAMPION and PERFECOAT Stakeholder Event

The LIGNICOAT project showcased its innovative solutions on “Lignin-based clear biocoatings for fire protection on wood substrates” at the stakeholder event (“Bio-based Innovations for Industrial Applications”) held on April 24 in Brussels, Belgium. Organized jointly by the CHAMPION and PERFECOAT projects, the event brought together over 120 stakeholders, fostering collaboration and addressing challenges in the bio-based sector.

Representatives from the LIGNICOAT project, including the partner responsible for intumescent and fireproofing reactive coatings IRIS COATINGS and dissemination and exploitation partner AXIA INNOVATION, actively engaged with participants, sharing insights and exploring synergies within the dynamic bio-based community, as it followed the CBE JU Info Day.

In particular, IRIS Coatings gave a presentation on the last findings on lignin-based fire retardancy on wood, and a comprehensive poster on it was also showcased, where the heat release rate and the environmental performance (from LCA by ARDITEC Association) of different coating solutions (with and without LIGNICOAT coatings).

The stakeholder event served as a platform to explore the latest developments in bio-based solutions across various industries. With sessions dedicated to topics such as sustainability, safety, and industrial applications, attendees gained valuable insights into the transformative potential of bio-based innovations.

Throughout the event, stakeholders could engage with experts from academia, industry, and regulatory bodies. With presentations from representatives of the European Commission and Circular Bio-based Europe, discussions spanned from policy frameworks to technological advancements, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

If you want to learn more, you can download the presentation and poster in PDF format:


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