New LignoValue Pilot Plant at VITO

The Flemish Prime Minister visited VITO´s facilities, presenting their research capabilities and recent pilot plant acquisition for bio-aromatics production from lignin sources.
Flanders region is committed to contributing to the realization of a circular bio-based economy by setting strategic actions toward the development of bio-aromatics from lignin. To this end, VITO under the flag of Biorizon Shared Research Centre is actively investing in its research infrastructure for investigating the creation of new value chains of innovative bio-aromatics with commercial applications. Most of these processes for the production of lignin-based bio-aromatics have already been developed and demonstrated at a previous stage at lab scale.
Check out this interesting video by Biorizon (VITO is co-initiator) here.
The video shows the arrival of the new LignoValue Pilot Plant in Mol, Flanders. This pilot installation is capable of producing more than 100kg of innovative bio-aromatics per day from lignin. The LignoValue Pilot was delivered on 17 January and its current status is in the final phase for commissioning.



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