BIC 2023 Trend Report: Shaping Europe’s Circular Bioeconomy

The 2023 Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) Trend Report, of particular importance to the LIGNICOAT project, outlines crucial steps to maximize the potential of Europe’s circular bioeconomy.

The BIC 2023 Trend Report, emerging from four workshops hosted by BIC from April to June, provides practical insights and policy guidance for a sustainable, circular bioeconomy, aligning with projects like LIGNICOAT and ensuring Europe’s continued bio-based industry leadership.

A decade after launching the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, Europe faces new global competition, especially from the United States. To meet this challenge and address geopolitical crises, Europe must act strategically. The report offers recommendations, such as promoting sustainable bio-based products, reducing fossil fuel dependence, and accelerating innovation entry into the market.

Download the 2023 BIC report here.


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