5th Consortium Meeting of the LIGNICOAT Project in Espoo

The LIGNICOAT consortium successfully concluded its fifth project meeting at month 24 (M24) on June 6 and 7. The meeting, hosted by VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, took place in Espoo, Finland. The event provided an opportunity for consortium members to review progress, exchange knowledge, and plan for future advancements in the field.

The two-day meeting commenced with participants embarking on a visit to the VTT pilot plants located in Biorukki. The tour included an exploration of various pilot facilities, such as the Process chemistry pilot, Biomass center, Pyrolysis and gasification pilots, and coating pilots. After the insightful tour, the partners reconvened at the FutureHub building to continue with the meeting’s agenda.

Important work package discussions took place during the first day’s afternoon session. TECNALIA, the project coordinator, led the session on WP7, Management, providing updates on the project’s overall progress and coordination efforts. ARDITEC led the WP5 session, focusing on Sustainability Assessment via Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC). The agenda concluded with AXIA Innovation leading the WP6 session on Dissemination and Exploitation, emphasizing the crucial aspects of spreading knowledge and maximizing the project’s impact.

The second day commenced with an Advisory Board meeting led by TECNALIA and the WP leaders. This session allowed for valuable input and advice from experts in the field, providing guidance for future directions and strategic decisions. Subsequently, the meeting continued with presentations on the remaining work packages.

VITO, Westlake Epoxy, VTT, and TECNALIA led the session on WP1, presenting advancements in the development of wood-based coating formulations. Barpimo, Ecoat, Westlake Epoxy, and Vencorex then took the stage to discuss WP2, focusing on the optimization of coating application processes.

The session on WP3, which addressed the development of new coating technologies, was led by NORCE, ITACyL, FORESA technologies, and TECNALIA. They showcased exciting advancements and breakthroughs in this area. Lastly, TECNALIA, IRIS coatings, Barpimo, and AEP Polymers concluded the meeting with a presentation on WP4, highlighting the progress made in the development of sustainable coating solutions.

The fifth project meeting of the LIGNICOAT consortium provided an excellent platform for fruitful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among the partners. The consortium remains committed to advancing bio-based coatings, ensuring sustainability, and promoting commercial viability.

For more information about the LIGNICOAT project and its latest developments, please visit the project website at www.lignicoat.eu


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